Pénélope and the Cuban Revolution
Immokalee, Florida, 2010-2016


I return to Immokalee, a plantation town situated in central Florida. Good climate to make those oranges grow.

To seek on the consequences of the sub-primes crisis on the farm worker's community. 

The subprime loans were brought to the american market with intent to secure loans to high risk potential buyers. 

Over 3 millions americans were in foreclosure by 2008. I returned in Immokalee in 2010, 2011 and 2016.

At the farm worker's community only the sick and old were left.

Penélope was on an empty road, in an empty village. Every house on this road we took together, were abandoned. They had sent back to South America, the illegal field workers that once had lived here, but Penelope was too old for the trip. They had left her behind. They did not have much of a choice.
Six miles from where I found her, she lived here on her own and was trying to come back home after going to look for food stamps that she did not find.
We are in Central Florida, Swamp Land, we call it around here

It took us two hours to push her wheelchair on that burning asphalt, and she told me about how she lived the Cuban Revolution.



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